Sunbreak Nursery is a family-owned and operated wholesale nursery located in beautiful Bellingham, Washington. Ryan Carpenter owns and runs Sunbreak with the help of his wife and children, who do their part to pick weeds and contribute to the family farm lifestyle. Ryan has been working at Sunbreak Nursery since 2004, before purchasing it from his father-in-law in 2009. Ryan now continues the Sunbreak legacy by growing the highest quality groundcovers and ferns to serve nurseries and landscapers in the Puget Sound area. Sunbreak strives to meet all customer needs, using RyanÂ’s simple but important business philosophy and growing practice as a guide: consistency, efficiency and reliability. You can count on all three every time you receive plants from Sunbreak Nursery.

What Makes Us Unique:

Consistency: We grow the very best groundcovers and ferns because we are completely focused and specialized on them! We know all about the requirements of different varieties, their susceptibilities and their strengths. Therefore, we can offer a superior product to our customers!

Efficiency: We are a small operation and are able to take the time to deliver the care and quality necessary to produce a higher quality product. Every order that we fill is personally inspected by the owner. Being a small business also means we are more accessible to our customers! You can call us anytime with your questions and comments. When you call or email Sunbreak, you will be in direct contact with the owner (who is also the secretary). We offer personalized customer support.

Reliability: To help maintain consistent plant quality, we custom-blend specific soil mixes for different plants. We have learned that all-purpose soil mixes are not the answer when growing a wide range of plants. Our mixes are plant-specific. For example, the kinnickinick blend contains more pumice, to supply it with the extra drainage that it needs. We use peat moss as a key ingredient in most of our mixes because of its ability to retain moisture, which lessens the need for watering and reduces foliar disease. Peat moss also increases soil acidity thus making certain micro-nutrients more readily available for plant growth. Another key component in our soil mixes is slow-release fertilizer, which provides ample nutrition for good customer shelf life and subsequent plant establishment in landscapes.