“Part 2: State Of The Industry Series. We asked about growing produce, using biocontrols and mergers and aquisitions. Here’s what you had to say.” http://www.greenhousegrower.com/article/32766/part-2-state-of-the-industry-series If you have read my previous newsletter’s you are well aware that I participate in WSNLA. Well at the WSNLA convention last weekend, I was asked to present a 5 minute forecast […]

The Square: This little box makes little guys like me perform like giants. For 2.75% fee per swipe this connects to your smart phone and allows you to accept credit cards anywhere you go. The fee may seem high but it is cheaper then some alternatives. I had another swiper before that was only a […]

Because we all live in the land of ferns, new and more interesting ferns are sought after and coveted by many gardeners and landscaper professionals. The common native ferns are well-known and already well-used. It seems that everyone has a Sword Fern in their landscape, whether it’s intentional or not. The main reason that Sword […]

Bolax is the ultimate low-maintenance, hearty ground cover. This plant is really remarkable in its simple beauty and indestructibility! Back in my youth, I often played football on astro-turf, everyone’s favorite fake grass. Bolax is a live plant that feels and looks like astro-turf. This plant is just as bullet proof as its plastic cousin, […]

Out of all the ground cover that I grow (which is close to one hundred different varieties), this one is my favorites. I love this plant because of its efficiency and durability as a ground cover. Fragaria chiloensis (Sand Strawberry) is a Pacific Northwest native ground cover that will tolerate almost any conditions. I find […]

The nice thing about ground cover is that there are multiple applications for it in a garden: edging and borders, between stepping stones, or erosion control. After the location has been decided, the next questions are what type of groundcover to use and how many. Today we are going to address the “how many” question. […]

When thinking of the Pacific Northwest, rain is usually the first thing people think of. But, the image that pops into my brain is moss hanging off of trees in a dense jungle of moisture and green. I also immediately think of a book I read as a child, Where the Red Fern Grows. I […]

My favorite question that I get from people when shopping for ground cover is “But is it invasive?” My response no matter what type of ground cover is “Why yes in fact it is.” Invasive is the definition of ground cover, it’s in the name; to cover the ground. While most ground covers are not […]