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“Part 2: State Of The Industry Series. We asked about growing produce, using biocontrols and mergers and aquisitions. Here’s what you had to say.”

If you have read my previous newsletter’s you are well aware that I participate in WSNLA. Well at the WSNLA convention last weekend, I was asked to present a 5 minute forecast on what the future holds for our industry. What a can of worms!

Carrots on soil

The article above reflects very well what I attempted to get across to my audience:

Food food food! If my wife wants a food garden then it is an official trend. My lovely wife gets all her news from US Weekly magazine and TMZ so if she wants to grow food then we can know that it’s a huge trend that has hit the mass market.

Bio controls: I’m sold. Last year was the first year that I introduced biological controls in my greenhouse. I learned a few lessons along the way and have more to learn but briefly, ladybugs work… extremely well. Predatory mites are efficient when applied at proper rates. More is better when it comes to using these little carnivores.

Mergers and acquisitions:  I spent 5 hours in meetings hashing out whether or not to merge 2 strong industry organizations. WALP and WSNLA once were one organization that split due to social differences. It now appears that reviewing mission statements and goals of each organization that we share similar goals and are working to be friends again. I think this is a step in the right direction that we should unite in challenging times and work together instead of against each other. Stay tuned for more details on that one!


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