Looking for a Super Early Bloomer? Try Alpine Snowbells!!

Alpine Snowbells is a lovely plant with an amazing flower! The delicate bell-shaped bloom pops out in very early spring, before any other plant I have in production. That is the sign that it’s time to get to work! This year’s crop will be read to ship in February and will be for sale at a few select vendors at the Northwest Flower and Garden Show in Seattle, WA on February 8th-12th. Look for my snowbells there! Here are all the stats on the pretty little snowbells:


Scientific NameSoldanella alpine

Common Name– Alpine Snowbells

Description– Small mounding plant from European Alps

Foliage– Rounded leaves like miniature lily pads on short stems

Flowers– Usually, two flowers bloom on single-stalked stem. Flowers are trumpet-like with fringed petals, arriving in early spring.

Exposure– Part shade

Soil– Moist humus

Foot Traffic– Not recommended

Growth Rate– Slow

Height– 2”-3”

Spread– Mounds continuously enlarge at slow rate. It may self-sow.

Uses/Attributes– Interesting specimen for shady rockeries or beneath evergreen shrubs.

Cold Hardiness– Zone 5



2 responses to “Looking for a Super Early Bloomer? Try Alpine Snowbells!!”

  1. Jill Hamilton says:

    So where can I purchase the Alpine Snowbell

    1. sb_admin says:

      You can purchase Alpine snowbells at one of the garden centers listed under our retail link on the website.

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