Living Astro-Turf: Azorella trifurcata ‘nana’ (Bolax)

Bolax is the ultimate low-maintenance, hearty ground cover. This plant is really remarkable in its simple beauty and indestructibility! Back in my youth, I often played football on astro-turf, everyone’s favorite fake grass. Bolax is a live plant that feels and looks like astro-turf. This plant is just as bullet proof as its plastic cousin, too! Bolax can take the severe punishment of high foot traffic but keeps it deep green color well and produces tons of small yellow flowers in the summer.

Bolax requires good drainage, fitting for in between pavers or rock gardens. Keep this plant in the full sun and it will stay dense and compact. This is not a fast grower so when planting, keep them inside 18” on center. I have never had a problem with hardiness with this plant- it is well-suited to our climate. I have left 4” pots of it outside, ignored and abused by all forms of weather and it still survives. Are you looking for a super low maintenance ground cover for the full exposed area of your garden? Bolax is your answer!

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