My favorite low-maintenance ground cover!

Out of all the ground cover that I grow (which is close to one hundred different varieties), this one is my favorites. I love this plant because of its efficiency and durability as a ground cover.

Fragaria chiloensis (Sand Strawberry) is a Pacific Northwest native ground cover that will tolerate almost any conditions. I find that it thrives on slopes facing the ocean and requires very little attention once established. The leaves are a glossy deep green that will bloom with white flowers in the summer months. Unlike traditional strawberries, this one bears no fruit. This helps is keeping away unwanted wildlife that would normally nibble at it.

Sand strawberry spreads with above-ground runners that root into the ground. I would recommend not planting them any closer than 12” on center, which is still very close. This is not a plant to be contained. The runners will go everywhere. They can be easily controlled with a line trimmer or pulled up by hand with ease due to its shallow root system.

This plant can be walked, stomped and occasionally driven on. It is not for in between pavers but areas in the yard that are rarely accessed. I planted mine along my driveway where soil conditions were poor and they have grown fantastically.

I work with plants all day and while I have an affinity for them, tending them at home how I want to spend my free time. Sand strawberry has been the answer to a low-maintenance garden!

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